What Is 489 Visa Migration Agent?

A 489 visa I a four-year provisional visa that requires for the person to live in the regional area for a minimum of two years. If the person has newly moved there, he is not eligible for this visa however if he applies after two years he would be fulfilling this condition then, so it is never too late for the people to try as well. These people who have been living for at least two years do not have to just live there doing nothing, rather they have to spend their time in a way that for at least 12 months they work 7 hours a week, or in specific wordings, the person should have worked for around 35 hours a week so as to be eligible enough to be able to apply for this visa and therefor the permanent residency in Australia that is their main dream for sure then as well.

For someone to qualify for the 489 visa migration agent Perth he or she has to be sponsored by a relative living in the designated area. the relative that sponsors you has to an Australian citizen for him to sponsor or call you to be a permanent resident of Australia as well. If not Australia, he has to be a new Zealand’s citizen then. The relatives that can sponsor you are parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces, first cousins and also the grand parents as well.

Another way of getting the 482 visa migration agent Melbourne is that the state or territory government has to be the one that finances you or sponsors you for you to live there then. For you to have to apply for the visa you have to be sponsored by a relative or nominated by the state, you would have to be invited for you to be able to apply, otherwise you would not be able to apply for the visa at all then. The age criterion here is between 18 to the age of 45. Anyone younger than 18 years or older than that of 45 years would not be eligible even if he is invited to apply, his application for the visa would be declined given that he does not lie in the age range given by the state or the territory. After you are eligible and the process is done and you get the visa, you have to stay and work and live in the very regional area as well. If you study in a different regional area, we are very sorry to inform you that, you would no more be eligible to get the permanent residency under 489 visa migration as a result then.

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