A Technology To Drill The Ground.

We are living in an era which is entirely technologically advanced and things are pretty much automated from every aspect, keeping in view the changing and emerging atmosphere there are some surprising inventions took place previously, such as: screw piles. Screw pile is something which is unknown for so many reasons as people usually don’t know about it from any aspect.

What is a screw pile?                                                          

Basically it’s a type of a penetrating foundation which is made to be installed instantly in the ground surface without much vibration and noise. In order to understand the concept of a screw pile, one has to imagine a normal screw which penetrates inside the wood and crate a wound, screw pile is exactly like a screw but with some different structure a screw pile consists of a splicing collar, shaft and leading helix, drive lugs and trailing helix (helices).

How screw pile functions:

It is actually made of a screw kind a mechanism which has hollow steel sections attached with one or two helices. Screw piles rotate and cuts the soil and make its way down to the surface of the soil into the ground (that’s the penetration aspect). Especially the leading helix helps to penetrate inside the ground and the trailing helix supports the penetration inside the ground.  Furthermore, the intensity of the shaft depends on the stiffness of the ground; there are different types of screw pillars which are in the market to cater the need of the penetration. In addition, what make it different from other types of a screw is the helical flights and the shafts which are designed to match with the condition of the ground.

How to apply a screw pilar:

There is an exclusive motor for this purpose which is designed to create the torque which is required to rotate the screw and make it penetrate inside the ground. There is a handling machine which is tied to the motors; there are some basic features which are considered for the installation for example: torque requirements, inspection of the site and soil profile and ground conditions. Most important aspect is known as the positional tolerance which actually the deciding factor for the torque.

Connection of screw pilar:

This is the most important factor, the pilar and the building connection is very important as it defines the structure of the design and this connection defines the structure strength of the building there are two kinds of typical connection such as Standard bend and Reidbar bend, furthermore, there are different ways of connecting the screw pillar to the surface among which the most common aspect which is dependent on the structural input and technicality.

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