Safety As First Priority

So why safety is important from every point of view because it’s a life saver for everyone, in third world country people doesn’t give importance to safety because they are more keen to fulfill their basic needs and live a normal life , even the government of third world country doesn’t focus on people safety because they are so busy in doing corruption and other stuff and less concern about people life , this usually happens when people have less power in hand and less buying power or rights to demand anything  from the government or the companies which have setup monopoly for example in Pakistan auto sector Honda , Suzuki , and Toyota are the market leaders and they doesn’t even provide safety feature in cars which cost more one million Pakistani rupees, and that’s the reason death rate in Pakistan is high due to un safe car accidents which took place, even the helmets which are been used in third world countries are not of European standards, the malls which have rides for the kids to enjoy are on even safe , even the bigger shopping malls doesn’t have proper safety systems, offices have some issues, even the personal homes and flat are not equipped with proper safety standards or are made on proper safety standards which have doesn’t have good quality materials used In it. However on the other side the ball game is totally different first world county governments treat their people as humans and have strict laws of safety and of someone doesn’t follows it he or she is been put into jail. See here for search and rescue equipment.

For example they have a auto policy that even a base variant of cars should include 8 airbags , and other safety feature, on roads they have use safety whistle suppliers and road pavement markers so that people can be save , for the construction workers policy is been set that they should wear extra sheets and wear helmet, gloves and etc. on the other side houses, flats , shopping malls are equipped with high quality safety equipment, their ambulances have all the first aid facilitates that could save a person life , they have make sure that biker companies should installed abs in bikes that provide better braking , for kids they have setup different policies like they are not been allowed to sit in front of cars, a life guard and life jacket should be must if a kid is enjoying on beaches all the beaches are covered with sea police so that safety cannot be compromise  and at last even the airports and lifts are on 24 hours maintenance so that  safety cannot be compromised and the solution to get the best quality safety equipment material is been solved by

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