Services That We Are Offering Under The Banner Of Platinum Freight

Platinum freight is the name of an agency who deals in the shipment of products and commodities. We are a customs brokers in Wellington who deals in importing products in Australia and New Zeeland. Our aim is to provide timely services to our potential customers. We make sure to maintain their commitments as their commitments rely on our commitments. If the delivery delay from us then our clients suffer and there are likely high chances of losing international customers dur to late delivery.

A business is all about commitments. It is a game of taking and giving and most importantly, a trust. The trust of customer and client is so important to gain. Without fulfilling their demands and requirements no one is able to stay in the market for a long period of time. We help people in solving their freight issues as it consumes a lot of time. Usually, shipments and consignment get stuck at the port and no one is there to help. So, we need a good relation in the custom office who can work on our behalf with all the legal requirement.

The Services:

At premium freight, we proudly sat that we are offering extensive customs brokers Christchurch services.  Following are the services.

Cargo Services:

We provide cargo services. People who wants to deliver bulk things to someone in other country can get help from cargo services. In cargo service, the responsibility of maintain all the products is on us. We charge additional for that purpose.

Custom Service:

Either we deliver from sea port or airport, we need to undergo certain process which has some legalities which are set by the government. The rules and regulations are so strict and can’t be cleared in a day. A detailed inspection of a shipment takes place at the port. After screening, a custom officer decides that the shipment is clear or not. When he shows green signal, the shipment proceeds forward otherwise, it gets rejected.

Logistic Services:

If we want to deliver commercial products, we need to take help from the logistics services. Platinum logistic has ben enjoying a famous name in the field of delivering products. No matter where you are in the world, you can easily send all the stuff to the New Zeeland port and if you want to deliver the products to the rest of the world sitting in New Zeeland, you can do so.


Unlike others, we do not have premium prices. We chare according to the weightage of the shipment and the delivery products. We have a certain criterion that we follow and charge our customers accordingly.

So, what are you thinking and waiting for? Connect to us to connect the world.

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