Why Do We Need Tiles And Not Just Wood Or Anything Else?

Most people like to use wood to their floors as wood can bear up with both hot and cold weather. Even though wood is not that cheap some people use wood to their entire home as well. But did you know that there are many advantages of using tiles to your home? Let’s see the benefits of using tiles to your home.

Water proof

Most of the flooring tiles, special glazed ceramic tiles have a protective layer on the material which acts as water resistant and protects the tiles from water and stains. The added advantage is these tiles are resistant to humidity conditions as well so you can use these tiles to your kitchen and bathroom.


Tiled floors are very tough and also tiles are difficult to crack. Especially ceramic flooring. If the installation of the tiles were done properly tiles can last up to fifteen to twenty years. If a single tile cracks due to some reason you can easily replace it.

Easy maintenance

Tiles floors are very easy to clean. The stains and dirt on tiles can be easily wiped away even though regular cleaning such as wiping and vacuuming is required.

Non attractive in a good way

Tiles have a hard surface and it does not attract dirt, animal hair, stains or even pollen. Especially ceramic tiles.  This helps you to keep the air clean from irritating materials especially to those who suffer allergies.AffordableTiles are not that expensive. But tiles with high quality variety and type can go up to a very high price. Tiles can be used as a substitute of expensive materials like marble. Don’t forget there are tiles which look like wooden floors as well. Affordable prices are now available at travertine tiles in Melbourne


There is nothing else that provides variety to a builder than tiles. You can find tiles from various colours, textures and designs. You can choose the type of tiles you like according to your requirements. Such as hard surface tiles for your bathroom walls.


The process to installing tiles is much easier than any other material. Marble flooring can take more than two weeks to cover an area of 500ft whereas using tiles will not take that long. Most of all the wastage is much lower when installing tiles. You can purchase different types of tiles according to your budget at wall tiles Geelong.Are these reasons enough for you to be convinced to go for tiles for your new home or new extension to your home rather than any other material? I hope so as no other material has all the above mentioned advantages.

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